Sep 2008

humus with tabouleh


tomato with mince meat inside!


150 gr mince meat
1 small onion choped
salt,peper,condimets( paprika,,thyme,chimion)
and a little bit of rice
mix the ingreniets and fill the tomate after you scoop out the tomato.
boil and in the end add tomato past and parsley.

meat balls soup(ciorba de perisoare)


150 gr mince meat composition the same above
1 carot
1 union
1 green bell pepper
1 lt water bringe to boil and add the meat balls
let to boil 20 minute and add the union,carot ,and pepper
when they are ok ,add tomato tin and sguash lemon and parsley.

farfanele cu nuci


melt 50 gr of buter,add 150 gr walnuts.50 gr parmezan, 3 table spoon sour cream,
let boil 4 minuts
separtely boil 500 gr of farfanele,put all toghether and 80 gr of water.and let 1 minute more.
add on top pieces of walnuts.

mexican rice

1 union small chopped
1 pepper small choped,
cumin 1/2 teaspoon
chili powder (how you like)
salt, 1 tin of tomatos
1 tin of kidney beans
1 big coup rice
fry union,add the cumin and the pepper,
add the rice and salt,water,for 1 coup of rice,2 coup of water
simmer until cooked and absorve all the water
add the kidney beans and tomato.

mushroom with garlic

mushroom(how many you want)
garlic and parsley,salt

in a pan put oil(not to much) add the mushroom and salt and cover .let for 3-4 minute
chopped small the garlic and mushroom leg,put it in fry pan nier to the mushromm and fry a bit,add parsley and fill the mushroom


cabbage with polenta(varza cu cirnati si mamaliga)


1 cabage
1tin of tomato
a little bit of oil
salt,paper(chili flakes)
in a fry pan put the oil and add the cabage small chopped,stir and fry,add a bit of water and simmering antill it ready,add the tomato tin.salt peper and let to boil.


chicken leg with polenta

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